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Places to Visit

Explore Jawai

Get an immersive experience of the rustic charm and local culture of Rajasthan as you stay at Mangalam Bagh in Jawai! Located in the lap of nature, guests will enjoy breathtaking views of Jawai Hills while indulging in luxuries like swimming pools and landscaped gardens. 

Stay With Nature

It’s the perfect place to get away from it all and find peace amongst majestic wildlife. So pack your bags, come to Explore Jawai at Mangalam Bagh, and make some truly unforgettable memories!


Jawai Bandh

The dam provides a stunning view of Luni's tributary Jawai. It was built from 12 May 1946 to 1957. Western Rajasthan's largest dam covers 102,315 acres. 7887.5 million cubic feet and 61.25 feet (18.67 meters) tall. It's ideal for viewing the river and wildlife. From the dam, you can see crocodiles and birds, and the water level is great for an adventure. It's one of Jawai's best views of the village. This view is wonderful.

Shiva Temple Perwa Hill

The Temple of Mahadev Shiva on Perwa Hill, near Jawai, is an incredible sight to behold. Not only is it a beautiful and spiritual place of worship for Hindus, but it is also home to a family of seven leopards who have been living in the temple for a long time. Local people believe that the presence of this leopard family has been protecting the temple from harm since ancient times. This family consists of one female leopard and her five cubs, who have been living in the temple for more than a decade now and are very much part of the local culture.

Jawai Leopards Hills

Jawai Hills is a beautiful place in Rajasthan's Pali district. It is surrounded by Jawai Bandh, a riverbed, grasslands, and grazing ground. Millions of years ago, lava changed the shape of the Jawai Hills. Now, leopards and Indian striped hyena live in the caves and rock shelters of the Jawai Hills.

Rankpur Jain Temple

The temple has four shrines and is a work of art. 24 pillared rooms with 80 domes are supported by 400 columns. Deity-sculptured brackets connect the domes' upper and lower portions. No two columns have the same detailed carving. 29 halls, 80 domes, and 1444 pillars in the pavilions will make a lasting impact. Beautifully etched dancing goddesses on these pillars are architectural marvels. The best thing about these pillars is their unique designs and carvings.

Golden Jain Temple

The Jain Golden Temple in Falna, a small town in Rajasthan, is a worldwide attraction. It is the first temple built by members of the Jain community. The temple's unique feature is that the ladies of the Jain community donated approximately 90 kg of gold from the Falna town itself for the idolization of the temple dome and Lord's idol.

Nimeshwar Mahadev Falna

A must involve this location in their itinerary

Devgiri Temple

Dev Giri temple, dedicated to Ashapura Mata Ji, sits halfway up a nearby hill. Locals think she protects the village from natural disasters. Leopards and other wildlife frequently visit the temple. The temple's location among rocks and the possibility of leopards or other creatures gives you goosebumps at first sight. The monolithic temple's granite tracks match. The temple's height is mesmerizing.